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Transform your municipality’s land management with Edgesoft’s comprehensive solutions, tailored for both existing systems and fresh starts.

Empowering Cities to Thrive

With efficient license and permitting

The City of Norwalk is thrilled to partner with Edgesoft. From day one, the entire EdgeSoft team has dedicated themselves to understanding our needs and delivering cost-effective and impactful solutions. Their emphasis on open and regular communication with our project team, fostered a positive and educational experience for us that has positively transformed our organization.

Richard A. Rojas, Jr.

Deputy City Manager, City of Norwalk, CA

Burbank has been a long-standing partner with EdgeSoft Inc. since 2005 achieving great results. The EdgeSoft product works great for our city, my staff and I could not be happier, especially over the last year. The support the EdgeSoft team provides us has been amazing in accelerating services to our citizens and businesses while keeping them safe. EdgeSoft has helped us continue to delight our citizens by bringing the majority of our permitting and license services online.

Kevin Gray

CIO, City of Burbank, CA

The Town of Colchester worked with EdgeSoft to create a first of its kind digital planning and zoning office in Vermont. Utilizing EdgeSoft’s eLMS and eGOV solutions, we are now able to look-up past permits, receive new applications, and fully process permits online, delivering services 24/7 through our website. EdgeSoft support was there to support us and keep us operational when we needed it. The partnership with EdgeSoft has created unequaled transparency and permitting services for the community of Colchester. As we look to move forward from the pandemic, our EdgeSoft partnership will help set us apart as a progressive place in Vermont to live, work and play.

Sarah Hadd

AICP, CFM Director of Planning & Zoning, Town of Colchester, VT

The Comprehensive Solutions Tailored For Your Municipal Needs

Manage Your City Smarter


Track diverse planning activities and reviews.

Permits & Inspections

Streamline workflows, automate inspections, and review plans digitally.

Code Reinforcement

Track and Manage violations across departments.

Business License

Manage license efficiently with automated renewals.

Community Access

Empower citizens with a self service portal.

SAIRA Analytics

Drive data-driven decisions across departments.

Public Works

Handle permits, zoning, and engineering tasks seamlessly.

Fire & CUPA

Simplify fire department inspections with a mobile app.

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6 Pillars of Our Commitment to Smarter Cities

Transform your municipality's land management with Edgesoft's comprehensive solutions, tailored for both existing systems and fresh starts.

Transparency and Inclusion

We foster a culture of openness and collaboration, ensuring everyone has a voice in shaping the future of their city.

Connecting Communities

We bridge the digital divide, ensuring everyone has access to the tools and resources they need to thrive.

Unwavering Excellence

We are committed to exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional service, every step of the way.

Innovation at it's Core

We push the boundaries of technology to develop solutions that are censure, efficient, and reliable.

Seamless Integration

We design and implement innovative solutions that connect people, information, and processes seamlessly.

Empowered Citizens

We believe in user-friendly technology that empowers residents and stakeholders to engage with their city.

Revolutionizing Land Management

Land Structure and Occupancy Model

This unique parcel-centric approach, with its four-dimensional addressing system, grants you an unprecedented bird's eye view. See all projects, cases, permits, violations, and more, effortlessly organized around each address. Our intuitive dashboard simplifies information management, empowering seamless tracking and control.

Instant Visibility with Saira Analytics

This standalone tool empowers you with ad hoc reporting capabilities, delivering real-time insights at your fingertips. SAIRA Analytics seamlessly integrates with our industry-standard solutions, uniting your entire data ecosystem. Gain a deeper understanding of your land assets and make informed decisions with confidence.

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