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SAIRA from EdgeSoft is an analytics software tool, designed for Community Development, Public Works, Utilities, Authorities and other Departments in your city.

EdgeSoft’s innovative application, SAIRA, is the merger of many of the technology industry’s best practices: The power searching of a Google. The custom searching of an Amazon. The complex reporting capabilities of industry report writers. The bookmarking capability of your preferred browsers

Mobility Products

Our mobility products work in Real time and offline for inspections and violations on tablets or smartphones.

Property Information Portal

View real-time historical permits, violations and owner data of any property within the city using a graphical interface.


The Enterprise Land Management System (eLMS™) is a cloud, location and GIS centric system that has revolutionized data management for planning, permitting, inspection, licensing, and fire prevention processes. eLMS™ is uniquely designed shoulder-to-shoulder with City staff to improve interdepartmental communication and efficiency.

Smart Citizen Portal

This provides citizens and contractors the ability to view and track services, such as getting simple permits, scheduling inspections and checking status online. This not only improves citizen service and civic engagement, but also supports green initiatives for cities by reducing foot traffic to city departments and eliminating paper.

About Us

EdgeSoft is a software solutions company with the goal of making the idea of a "smart city" attainable for all cities. Evaluating the respective needs of each city, we equip city governments with world-class technology to deliver superior citizen services. Our products streamline governmental operations and services, while we enhance the cities internal databases.

Our core competencies with the implementation of our product-based solutions include transparency, efficiency, scalability, and adaptability. Overall, EdgeSoft strives to create empowered interactive communities between citizens and city governments.

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The software we select will have massive impact on the city’s most vital, daily operations for many years to come. Choosing the best fit software system is critically important as it will determine the ability to transform citizen services and community engagement. In targeting productivity and transparency, partnering with proven solutions providers like EdgeSoft guarantees a positive outcome.
EdgeSoft focuses on online, accessible citizen services as well as interdepartmental transparency and collaboration. These objectives drive citizen engagement, internal efficiency, and cohesive operations to ultimately optimize growth.

Michael Flad, City Manager, City of South Gate, CA

Clients Include

City of Glendale
City of South Gate
City of Beverly Hills
City of Burbank
City of Calabasas
City of Fremont
City of Colchester
City of Albuquerque
City of San Fernando
City of San Mateo
City of Kyle

Job Postings

EdgeSoft Information Technology Project Manager, Manhattan Beach, CA.

Job Duties : Provide project management and act as team lead for team developing and delivering applications developed using Java, J2EE technologies, Oracle, WebLogic. Participate in unit testing, troubleshooting, maintenance.

Educational Requirements : Master’s Degree or Foreign Equivalent in Engineering or Related Field or Technology or Related Field or Computer Science or Related Field and 1 year of experience in the job duties.

Alternative Requirements : Bachelor’s Degree or Foreign Equivalent in Engineering or Related Field or Technology or Related Field or Computer Science or Related Field and 5 years of experience in the job duties.

Salary & Benefits : $93,891/year at 40 hours/wk; 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Reply to: Edgesoft, Inc, 1600 Rosecrans Ave, Media Ctr #54, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.

Welcome to EdgeSoft