EdgeSoft, Inc. Hires Marco Rojas as Regional Sales Manager

Manhattan Beach, CA – EdgeSoft, Inc. recently hired Marco Rojas as Regional Sales Manager to lead new client outreach and business development across the United States. His focus will be to engage and communicate with local government decision makers about the many benefits of utilizing the new generation of EdgeSoft’s ePALS Enterprise Solutions Suite, featuring SAIRA our powerful analytics portal and intelligent online-search-tool designed specifically for local government and their citizens.

Marco is passionate about helping local government agencies utilize Smart City technology to improve efficiencies and operations. He has gained valuable Gov Tech experience while working at CivicPlus (citizen engagement) and at E-PlanSoft (electronic plan checking), as well as other technology companies.

He is a graduate from Kansas State University in Business Administration and Marketing, where he was also actively involved in community philanthropic activities. Those experiences have reinforced his interest in helping local government entities better serve their communities.

In his free time, Marco enjoys attending baseball games, especially if the Kansas City Royals are in town, as well as exploring different restaurants and cuisines around the Phoenix metro area, where he currently resides.

Shan Sundar, EdgeSoft CEO, shared, “We are excited to have Marco join our team. His drive and passion will support our vision to better serve local governments and their citizens.”

Please join us in welcoming Marco to the EdgeSoft family.