Business License

Generates, prints, and tracks business licenses, as well as annual renewal notices while automating the renewal process.


  • Displays various status and durations:
    • Tax status (taxable or exemption)
    • Renewal frequency (annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, or daily)
    • License duration (number of days)
  • Tracks complete business license life cycle.
  • Correlates multiple business licenses to relevant owner and produces data on single page.
  • Allows managers to view active business license applications assigned to staff members.
  • Assigns and reassigns business license workloads.
  • Stores and references relevant codes and violations required for processing new licenses.
  • Creates and modifies customer profiles, including business license, license expiration date, insurance certificate, etc.
  • Obtains online information through mobile devices.
  • Automatically calculates business license expiration dates.
  • Tracks multiple dates / expirations for secondary / external licenses based on duration selection (months, weeks or days).

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