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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

This solution tracks and maintains data related to code violations in the City / County. Code violations may be related to various types of activities such as building, animal, health, etc. Users can identify violations by parcel, provide notifications to responsible parties, and establish follow-up inspection programs to ensure that corrections are made. Follow-up dates are calculated based upon the business rules and scheduled accordingly with an override feature. When creating a code violation, the system validates data input and utilizes list-of-values (pull-down lists), reducing human error in data entry.

It also provides users with the ability to place a “hard,” “soft” or “warning” hold on a Land, Structure or Occupancy. Activating this interdepartmental hold disables issuance of permits and other project activity based on the severity of the hold. This function results in more efficient citizen service and hastens the resolution of any resident’s or business’s noncompliance with municipal codes, ordinances or regulations. Users can manage multiple holds and view a historical log of each hold.

Key Features
  • Tracking multiple violations for an address, cross street or point of interest and display the information in a single view or page
  • Select / enforce multiple violation types, for a single code violation
  • Facility to indicate repeat violation, while maintaining historical violations
  • Track any number of notices issued and corrective measures for a violation
  • Track multiple issue dates
  • Track the status of a code violation for the complete life-cycle
  • Attach other electronic documents, images and photos pertaining to a violation
  • Facility to track user comments
  • Assign and reassign Code Enforcer workload
  • Search capability by violation type, address, owner name, owner address, foreign address, etc.
  • Create and modify customer profile, including foreign addresses, mailing address and phone
  • Facility to pre-schedule regular inspections for sensitive areas (New Functionality)
  • Added capabilities of printing notices from eLMS and much better email messaging (New Functionality)
  • Record and process violation fees and payments in the office as well as on the field along with integrated solutions with other financial systems
  • Ability to track resolutions

Code Enforcement module can be integrated with Citizen Request Case Tracking module to form a powerful tool. One can link a Citizen Request Case to a Code Enforcement activity or to any other activity (building, planning etc.) from within the application itself. This will provide the citizen with the facility to keep track, get updates and provide feedback on violations reported by them.

Whether handling a complaint for an abandoned vehicle or documenting a lengthy code enforcement action that may involve a future court challenge, eLMS™ offers a complete way to capture and display daily activities in the field and the office. The system can also be accessed via mobile devices.

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