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Company Overview


Founded in 1997, Edgesoft provides world-class enterprise software products that empower local governments to deliver superior citizen services. Based in Southern California and recognized as an industry leader by IBM and Microsoft, Edgesoft has executed flagship implementations in leading California cities that are revolutionizing the way that government data is processed and managed.

While the Company currently concentrates on local government sector applications, Edgesoft also has a solid history of implementing projects for Fortune 500 companies. Private sector testimonials include BAXTER, Hyundai, MGM, Medtronic MiniMed, Countrywide and Gateway. As a result, Edgesoft has developed a unique expertise in providing best-of-business practices from both private industry and municipal government.

Edgesoft’s leading product, the Enterprise Land Management System (eLMS™) was designed shoulder to shoulder with city government staff, offering a breakthrough approach to the needs of local government as a true web-based, eGOV-ready solution. Providing shared access to accurate, real-time data to users across City departments, the location-based, parcel-centric system improves interdepartmental communication, streamlines operations and heightens citizen service.

Edgesoft specializes in rapid implementations. The flexible, state-of-the-art technology of eLMS™ facilitates rapid deployment of the system, with a typical installation period of three months for one module. Our mission is to provide the leading edge technology solution and business transformation services necessary to bring cities to the next level. To date, Edgesoft has completed all its implementations on time and on budget.

Edgesoft’s roots lie in process re-engineering, conversion of business requirements into technical requirements, and system design by business objectives. We uphold a collaborative approach that assures the immediate and long-term success of the installations of our clients, and results in mutual respect and long-term partnerships between Edgesoft and the local government entity. Our growing company is built on five fundamental core values:

  • Delivering solutions to make a difference for the local community
  • Providing extraordinary service and commitment to get the job done
  • Empowering the users to be as autonomous as possible
  • Upholding expertise, integrity and accountability
  • Assuring superior quality services and highest standards of technical excellence.
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