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eLMS Core Framework

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eLMS is built on the solid foundation of the Land, Structure, and Occupancy (LSO) Model. The LSO model is a primary resource for address, structure, zone and land use information, as well as owner/tenant, infrastructure and asset information. Each location in the LSO model has a unique identifier by which all activities related to that specific location are tracked and administered. LSO Also tracks the history of changes to a Land, structure, or occupancy.

The Projects, Subprojects, Activities (PSA) structure enables departments to customize their activities, cases, permits etc. It enables users to easily view information at a Project level, or quickly drill-down to sub-levels to editor view more granular information Users can achieve true interdepartmental communication by being able to review the processes conducted by all the departments within the organization.

Key Features
  • Fees and Payment
    • Automatic fee calculation based on type of business and including prorating, thereby reducing fee calculation and collection errors
    • Track different fee types, historic fees and method of payments
    • Export all cashiering payment transactions into the financial system
    • Accept payment in various methods and record the account number, amount billed, amount paid and amount of deposit
  • Holds
    • Holds are stop orders that can be issued to any type of activity due to various business reasons. eLMS implements holds interdepartmentally and automatically removes access (makes the data read-only) thus disabling any further processing on the activity.
  • File Attachments
    • Provides the ability to attach any files such as digital photos, documents and spreadsheets to an activity. Every attachment has keywords associated with it and they can be searched using the keywords.
  • Conditions
    • Makes predefined conditions available to apply to various activity types. It enables users to add one or more conditions to any level in within eLMS™ (Land, Structure, Occupancy, Project, Subproject and Activity). It also provides the ability to automatically include conditions for an activity.
  • Contact Maintenance
    • Maintains a list of all external people associated with the organization (such as contractors owners, applicants, architects, etc.)
    • Accepts deposits (trust accounts) from contractors and allows them to apply it to any activity that they are associated with
    • Assigns dummy license numbers for contractors if required
    • Links to the State Licensing Board to verify license validity.
    • Provides ability to put holds on people involved with an activity; e.g. flagging a contractor whose license has expired
    • Provides ability to view all the transactions for a people type (e.g. contractor).
  • Search
    • Provides the capability of searching virtually everything in the system. The eLMS Search also integrates with third party systems such as document imaging to reference data. The search functionality enables users to search by business license number, , business name, , number of employees, contact name, etc.; It has the ability to search and lookup historical payment information by receipt number, customer name, or street address.
  • Administration
    • This module empowers the business users/administrators to easily manage business functions and processes in eLMS. Complex tasks like fee maintenance, fee schedule, updating contractor records, splitting lots, moving projects, adding new permit types, adding new zones etc are accomplished easily with a click of a button.
  • Assessor import / export
    • Periodically updates the assessor data. Ability to maintain owner information (foreign address, etc.) of the owner and synchronize it with the Assessor’s office.
  • Comments
    • Ability to add one or more comments at any level within eLMS™
  • Digital Library
    • Stores all digital files for the purpose of importing these files as attachments to a Project, Subproject or Activity; provides the ability to view the exceptions occurring during import via the eLMS™ web interface; allows users to attach at least four keywords to each imported document; provides the ability to search documents via the eLMS™ Document Search interface.
  • Printing and other functionalities
    • Provides the ability to mail merge and prints on demand / batch business license renewals; print a digital photo on taxi cab vehicle and taxi cab driver ID cards; void transactions; generate bar codes; print decals and mailing labels; print on odd-sized paper or documents; log inspections for home-based businesses; and track user comments.
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