Automates the entire planning process, increasing data accuracy related to a city’s planning activities, while maximizing efficiency and improving citizen accessibility. 


Tracks complete lifecycle data of each case.

  • Submittal date of each application.
  • Planner’s name who completed application and authorized advancement.
  • Broadcast dates when notices mailed, hearings scheduled, assignment to other divisions, application expirations and/or entitlement occurrences.
  • Approval or denial dates.

Senior Planner Access

  • View active projects assigned to each planner and assign case number (project) to each planner.
  • Notify planner of new assignment.
  • Email case history report.
  • Record assignments start date and assignee in activity log.
  • Ability to modify work assignments.

View application status and summary (weekly, monthly, and annually).

  • List current activities by planner (task list and action items) and measure planner’s productivity by evaluating their metrics.
  • Record all planning board public hearings and meetings schedules.
  • View all hearing and meeting schedules, lists of agenda items, and results of previous meetings.
  • Produce list of all activities to process an application.
  • List active planning cases sorted by submittal date, case number, permit type, active (complete, in-process, pending, incomplete, final) etc.
  • Record actions taken on each planning case including approval, conditional approval, denial, or continued hearing / meeting.
  • Record criteria for evaluation and decision of each planning case.
  • Configure route-checklist / sequence for distribution for each application, circulate notices to other divisions for review, and return comments to planner.

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