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Planning & Planner Update Solution

Planning & Planner Update Solution

This solution automates the processes and captures all information related to the local government’s Planning activities. Functions include issuing, tracking and logging planning cases; appointment scheduling and notification, which reduces scheduling conflicts for planning board hearings; assigning, scheduling and routing planning cases; and cashiering and fee appraisal.

This centralized database of customer records provides accurate, timely information to citizens who are submitting development plans for approval. It also eliminates duplicate data entry and reduces errors by validating data input at the time of completing a planning case, including application check-in, plan reviews, fee calculation and collection, inspections, sign-offs and task lists. With the hastened accessibility and delivery of information, the Planning Module helps to improve service quality by reducing the potential for making late decisions.

Key Features
  • Department Activity and Work Assignment
    • Record planning board activity for all public hearings and view hearing and meeting schedules, lists of agenda items and the results of previous meetings for each planning board
    • View a monthly report of all design review board hearings
    • Track the complete lifecycle of a planning case, including submittal date of the application, name of the planner who determined whether the application was complete and gave authorization to proceed, broadcast dates (when a notice is mailed, hearing scheduled, circulation to other division, application expires, entitlement occurred), and approval or denial date
    • Ability for a senior planner to view active projects assigned to a planner and assign a case number (project) to a planner; notify the planner of the new assignment, email a case history report, record the assignment start date and assignee in an activity log, and provide the ability to modify the work assignment
    • Produce a report listing all activities to process an application
    • List active planning cases sorted by submittal date, case number, permit type, active (complete, in-process, pending, incomplete, final) etc.
    • Record actions taken on a planning case including approval, conditional approval, denial or continued hearing / meeting
    • Record the criteria for evaluation and decision of a planning case including conditions such as use-limitations and parcel-related information including Environmental Impact Reports, conservation easements, transportation / utility right-of-way, etc.; conditions may be selected from a predefined, editable list or checklist
    • Configure the route-checklist / sequence for distribution for each application, circulate notices to other divisions for review, and return comments to planner
    • Maintain a customer profile with business license, license expiration date, number of contacts, insurance certificate, business mailing address and phone
    • View application status and summary (weekly, monthly and annual) of variance, CUP, DRB, health permits, alcohol sales, notices of appeal, driveway / curb permits, Certificates of Compliance, Certificates of Occupancy, violation notices, and all permits / applications for a parcel and subdivision (lot-split, lot-line adjustment, etc.)
    • List current activities by planner (task list and action items) and measure a planner’s productivity by evaluating their accomplishments
  • Appointment Scheduling and Notification
    • Calendar date functions incorporate required time limit provisions and automatically calculate and schedule public hearing notices, meeting notices, notices of appeal, site posting notices, and planning board activities.
    • Senior planners have the ability to modify or cancel the scheduled start or stop date for a public hearing, meeting or inspection. In the event of a scheduling conflict, the system will generate an error message.
    • Broadcast warning messages of impending deadlines, project announcement information, and news on hearing events related to a planner’s case, via mail, email, facsimile or recorded voice message.
  • Search and Query tools
    • Users can look up meeting / hearing notices scheduled for future dates (next week and next month).
    • Access to historical property records (e.g. entitlement history of a property) and owner information such as APN, parcel ID, owner name, etc. A geospatial tool provides the functionality to work with a buffer zone or polygon boundary, as well as calculate abutting property.
    • Users can reference Municipal Code, land use zoning ordinance, building code, code enforcement, Neighborhood Services violations and Land Information Systems property records.
    • Copy and paste text directly into the conditions of approval, notes for inspection, or response to an appeal.
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