A Community Development Land Management System Designed for Local Government and their Citizens

eLMS™ - Community Development Solution Suite

EdgeSoft’s Enterprise Land Management System (eLMS™) is a cloud-based, location and GIS centric system that has revolutionized data management for planning, permitting, inspection, licensing, and fire prevention processes. eLMS™ is uniquely designed shoulder-to-shoulder with City staff to improve interdepartmental communication and efficiency by providing shared access to accurate, real-time data.

This one-stop, location-based system manages data across various city departments while automating functionalities to improve efficiencies and save time for city staff and their constituents.

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Land, Structure and Occupancy Model

eLMS™ is built on a solid foundation based on the Land, Structure, and Occupancy (LSO) Model. The LSO model is a primary resource for address, structure, zone and land use information, as well as owner/tenant, infrastructure and asset information. Each location in the LSO model has a unique identifier by which all activities related to that specific location are tracked and administered. LSO also tracks the history of changes to a property’s land, structure, and or occupancy.

The Projects, Sub-projects, Activities (PSA) structure enables departments to customize their activities, cases, permits, licenses etc. It enables users to easily view information at the Project level, or drill-down to sub-levels to view more granular information. Users can achieve true interdepartmental communication by being able to review the processes conducted by all departments within an organization.

Integrates with External Systems

As a web-based services application, eLMS™ easily integrates with and interfaces to existing systems, including but not limited to:

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Provides the ability to request inspections from the IVR system and to inquire into inspection results. It also enables contractors, residents and other permit holders to access up-to-date, accurate information regarding the status of pending construction permits.

Historical Data

eLMS™ reduces the high costs normally associated with data conversion of historical information from any existing system that uses and manages land data.

Electronic Plan Check Review Systems

eLMS integrates with Avolve/ProjectDox, Bluebeam and e-PlanSoft.

Financial systems

Enables staff to reconcile day’s-end payments received toward various activities. The system is able to interface to fund accounting systems and to push payments on a daily basis. The systems integration allows for balancing, deposits and monthly reports to be done directly through eLMS™.

Assessor data

Synchronization enables users to import County assessor data to regularly update the parcel data in eLMS™.

Document Management Systems

Seamlessly integrates with most EDMS systems such as Laserfihe, FileNet and Tableau.

HOSTED on the Amazon Web Services Cloud (AWS)

The eLMS™ Solution Suite is hosted on the Amazon Web Services Cloud (AWS) web-based solution, which was developed shoulder-to-shoulder with government staff. eLMS improves interdepartmental communications by providing shared access to accurate, real-time data.

eLMS facilitates unparalleled integration between City departments including Planning, Permits & Inspections, Code Enforcement, Public Works, Business License and our e-Gov On Line / Citizen Access Portal. All activities are linked to a parcel within the City and provides a comprehensive structure for ever-increasing amounts of data, enabling cities to streamline internal operations, enhance cost efficiency and advance citizen service.


  • eLMS is a 100% Web Based Solution. With anytime, anywhere access.
  • Subscription Fee Based, No Annual Maintenance Fees. No Long Term Commitments.
  • Data Security, Redundancy & Disaster Recovery-Data hosted on secure site with automatic backups.
  • 24/7 Access and Support Around-the-clock.
  • Easy setup, no client software required. Rapid Deployment.
  • Intuitive & Simple to Use. It’s powerful, yet simple.
  • Minimal Upfront Investment- Lower costs for supporting various platforms.
  • No Additional Licenses Fees. Unlimited User Access!
  • Security Encryption/Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) – Safe, Secured & Protected.
  • Real Time Network & Monitoring Tools Performance Management.
  • Location Centric -Dashboard View of all activities related to a parcel.


eLMS interfaces with most Geographical Information Systems (GIS) such as ESRI to provide a mapping tool to visually select an address range for a full range of desired functions.

eLMS Mobile

eLMS mobile provides field inspectors with the ability to work in real time and/or offline while conducting on-site inspections and violations reviews using tablets or smartphones. The mobile app captures signatures, allowing the inspectors to finalize inspections if there are no violations.

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