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eLMS Core Frame Work

eLMS is built on the solid foundation of the Land, Structure, and Occupancy (LSO) Model. The LSO model is a primary resource for address, structure, zone and land use information, as well as owner/tenant, infrastructure and asset information...

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Planning & Planner Update Solution

This solution automates the processes and captures all information related to the local government's Planning activities. Functions include issuing, tracking and logging planning cases; appointment scheduling and notification...

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Business License

This web-based central business license management system generates prints and tracks business licenses and renewals. The system improves service quality by providing accurate information in a timely manner to customers that are filing for a business license...

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Code Enforcement

This solution tracks and maintains data related to code violations in the City / County. Code violations may be related to various types of activities such as building, animal, health, etc. Users can identify violations by parcel...

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Permits & Inspections

Edgesoft's Permits & Inspections Solution within eLMS automates workflow related to building permits, inspections, people and activities. It enables the staff within Building & Safety and similar divisions to view fee schedules...

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Central Cashiering

The eLMS Central Cashiering Module streamlines payment processing at the Permit Services Center and provides audit compliancy by enabling segregation of duties involving the permit processing (billing) and payment collection (receivables). Additionally, it will allow customers to make one payment for multiple permits and licenses reducing transaction processing time and errors.

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Citizen Request Case Tracking

This module provides the ability to add, track and manage customer calls and service orders for a variety of issues regarding municipal services. The government staff utilizes this module to streamline service requests from patrons and tracks ...

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Citizen Access

The Citizen Access Solution allows citizens to access the application through Internet and perform various business queries and functions. These functions include scheduling online inspections, checking inspection status, applying for permits and monitoring progress...

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GIS Interface

This Location Sciences module interfaces with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to provide a mapping tool to visually select an address range for desired functions, such as printing labels for mailing hearing notices...

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Integration with External Systems

This interface provides the ability to request inspections from the IVR system and to inquire into inspection results. This integration enables contractors, residents and other permit holders to access up-to-date...

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What do we do?

Edgesoft Inc. provides world-class enterprise software solutions and related IT services that empower local governments to deliver superior citizen services.

Edgesoft's leading product, the Enterprise Land Management Solution (eLMS) offers a breakthrough approach to the needs of local government as a true web-based, location-centric, eGOV-ready solution.

Company Overview

Founded in 1997, Edgesoft provides world-class enterprise software products that empower local governments to deliver superior citizen services. Based in Southern California and recognized as an industry leader by IBM and Microsoft, Edgesoft has executed flagship implementations in leading California cities that are revolutionizing the way that government data is processed and managed.

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Edgesoft's Enterprise Land Management System (eLMS) is a web-based solution, developed shoulder-to-shoulder with government staff, that improves interdepartmental communication by providing shared access to accurate, real-time data. The location-based system manages data across various City departments, providing a one-stop solution to cities to automate functionalities within Permits, Licenses and more.

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