Transformative Land Management Solutions for Local Governments and Citizens

Empower your city with EdgeSoft’s ePALS™, an Enterprise Permitting and Licensing System designed for local governments and their citizens. This cloud-based, GIS-centric solution efficiently manages all permitting and licensing data across city departments, automating functions to enhance operational efficiency, save time for city staff and constituents, and reduce costs. ePALS™ serves as a one-stop system, fostering streamlined internal operations by providing shared access to accurate, real-time data, promoting citizen engagement at every step.

The Comprehensive ePALS™ Solution Suite Tailored for Your Municipal Needs


Efficiently oversees and tracks a city’s diverse planning activities and comprehensive review processes.

Building & Safety / Permits & Inspections

Streamlines building permit workflows, automates inspection processes, and enhances efficiency through centralized plan checks and digital plan reviews.

Code Enforcement

Efficiently tracks and manages various code violations, including those related to building, animal, health, and more.

Community Access Portal

Empower citizens with an intuitive and user-friendly wizard-driven process to effortlessly check permit statuses, obtain simple permits, and schedule inspections.


SAIRA Analytics

Empower your city’s Community Development, Public Works, Utilities, and other departments with a dedicated analytics software tool.

Business License

Efficiently generate, print, and track business licenses, including automated renewal processes and annual renewal notices.

Public Works / Engineering

Efficiently handle public works permits, zoning, and engineering processes while facilitating citizen requests for services.

Fire / CUPA

Empower your fire department with a standalone mobile app for occupancy and hazardous materials inspections.

Unlocking Efficiency: ePALS™ Features and Benefits

ePALS™ LSO Model: Unveiling a Comprehensive Blueprint for Seamless Civic Management

Seamless Integration with External Systems

Elevated Hosting on Amazon Web Services Cloud (AWS)

ePALS GIS: Geospatial Excellence

ePALS Mobile: Real-Time Inspection Power