Building & Safety / Permitting & Inspections

Embark on a transformative journey with our advanced permitting and inspections solution, designed to elevate your workflow efficiency. Explore the features that make our platform stand out:

  • Effortless Permit Creation: Empower your Building Department users with the ability to create new permits effortlessly, incorporating additional functions with minimal technical assistance.
  • Intuitive Module: Designed for intuitive use, the module requires minimal training while fostering improved communication across departments.
  • Transparent Permit Lifecycle: Throughout the permit lifecycle, our solution provides clear and recognized sections, ensuring transparency for everyone involved.
  • One-Touch Functionality: Enjoy the convenience of one-touch functionality for creating and issuing multiple or combo permits.
  • Comprehensive Fee Management: Our comprehensive fee setup and management cater to the unique requirements of each city, ensuring accurate assessment.
  • Real-Time Contractor Updates: Stay updated on contractor licenses with continuous real-time updates from the State Contractor License Board.
  • Automated Workflow: Create temporary and permanent certificates of occupancy seamlessly with a built-in automated workflow for various permit statuses.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Enhance collaboration by attaching electronic files and user comments/conditions effortlessly to each permit.

Elevate your permitting and inspections experience with our cutting-edge solution.

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