City of Lynwood, CA Goes Virtual and Paperless by Modernizing Land Management Systems

The City of Lynwood, CA embarks on a pioneering path towards virtualization and paperless operations through the adoption of EdgeSoft, Inc.’s groundbreaking ePALS™ software. This major step optimizes land management systems, aiming to introduce efficiency, seamlessness, and environmental friendliness.

EdgeSoft’s innovative software revolutionizes operational workflows, cost-effectiveness, and community engagements. Key departments such as Community Development benefit from robust data management, while mobile-equipped Building and Code Compliance inspectors redefine fieldwork efficiency.

Furthermore, city planners and permit techs gain access to GIS and historical land data for streamlined workflows. The online public portal simplifies application submissions and fee payments for residents, business owners, and contractors.

About The City of Lynwood, CA: Positioned in Los Angeles County, Lynwood, with a projected population of 66,512, plays a strategic role within the Los Angeles Basin.

About EdgeSoft, Inc.: Based in Manhattan Beach, CA, EdgeSoft, Inc. has been a pioneering force for over two decades, offering tailor-made software solutions exclusively designed for local and state government agencies. Our focus remains dedicated to transforming cities into ‘smart cities,’ enhancing governmental operations and databases for the benefit of citizens.

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